Lola and the boy next door Review!! <3


June 29, 2015

Lola and the boy next door review


First let me just say that I am listening to Marina and The Diamonds, and I am absolutely in love with their song “Lies”!! It is soooo beautiful!!

This was my very first Stephanie Perkins book, and I must say that I am not disappointed. I was very skeptical, because I thought that the hype surrounding this book was making the book sound better than it actually is, like it does with a lot of other books.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when I read it and saw that it is a very well written and overall amazing book. When you get down to the base of the novel, it really is amazing. As always, I am going to talk about the characters, the plot, the WOW factor, and the star rating on all of these categories.


Lola the Great:

Lola is such an awesome character! She has everything that I look for in a character; originality, spunk, humor, nice, weird (in a good way), and most importantly she values the things that matter most, like family. She is such a original character, I mean she wore a Marie Antoinette dress to her dance,  and she totally rocked it!! One thing that I really appreciated about this is that her and Cricket had a history together. Most of the time I feel like, in contemporary novels especially, the author is pushing the relationship on the reader. However, that is definitely NOT the case in this book! Cricket and Lola just clicked, and I absolutely loved it!!

Cricket <3:

Cricket…. What can I say about Cricket other than the fact that he is perfect!! He is so cute, and adorable that it blows my mind! He is a geeky hunk that can build a bridge to my window any time he wants!! 😉 The one thing that I loved the most about Cricket is that he never gave up on Lola. He was willing to give up his dreams to be with her, if it meant that she got to be happy. That is so noble and sweet that my heart broke in a million pieces any time that he got that defeated look when he saw Lola and Matt together. However, that being said, I do still like how Stephanie did it because I feel like all of the trials and tribulations that Cricket and Lola had to go through only made their relationship so much stronger. Another thing that I loved about their relationship is how unlikely of a couple they are! I mean, if you saw those two in real life, would you honestly think that they would make a good couple? I know I wouldn’t! But that is another really original thing that I absolutely adored about this book!!

Calliope the Evil and jealous butt munch!!:

There really isn’t much to say about Calliope except for the fact that she was a very annoying and rude character.  I really didn’t like her at the beginning of the novel, because I hate it when a character is manipulating and selfish like Calliope was. I know that she loves Cricket and that she was afraid of losing him, but she really needs to get that stick out of her butt and realize that her brother is growing up and she needs to let go of him. Let him fly out of the nest! I will say, however, that I did like her at the end of the book. I definitely didn’t love her, but I did feel a kind of respect for her, which is really cool that Stephanie can do that to a character that a lot of people hate.

Matt the sexy rocker EX:

I feel like I am going to be the only one to say that I actually liked Matt! I thought he was cute and sweet at times! I don’t think that he was right for Lola, obviously, but I do think that I like him because he is kind of my type. I mean, come on, he is a hot rocker man that is sweet most of the time! Also, some people might not agree, but I think that the possessive thing is totally hot. I know that wasn’t Stephanie’s approach to the character, but I still liked him. That being said, I did think that he was being totally childish at the end of the book when Lola came to explain to him what happened. Come on, dude she was APOLOGIZING to you, and you were a complete douche to her….. It was still hot though… 😉

Nate and Andy:

I am going to lightly touch on them and say how cool it is that Stephanie gave Lola gay parents. I absolutely loved Nate and Andy, and I would totally be up to a prequel all about how they met and fell in love! 😉

5/5 Stars for the characters

THE PLOT AND WRITING (I just thought about the writing):

The plot of this novel is pretty good. It has a nice boy next door feel, that I love in a contemporary novel. One thing that I really liked about the plot is that it was very light and fluffy, while also retaining the seriousness of first love, and how you can never forget your first love no matter what happens. The plot of this was perfect, and perfectly written. I will definitely reread this book when I am in the mood for an awesome summer read in the future.

4/5 Stars for the Plot and Writing


                Does this book have the WOW factor? HELL YEAH, IT DOES! The WOW factor is so relevant to this book that in the dictionary, next to the word WOW, there will be a picture of this deliciously awesome book! Now onto the recommendations; I recommend this to pretty much anyone that loves YA, as well as to anyone that loves a sassy, punk-rock, and kick-butt main female character!

 So, that’s about it. If any of you have read this book, let me know what you think about my review, and if you agree! And if you HAVENT read this book, then GO READ IT NOW! NOOOOOOW!!! Are you gone? Good. Now you can read its awesomeness, and then come back and discuss it with me!


Goodbye my loves,

Sarah Louise

PS: This is a couple of Fan art pics that I found on Google of Lola and Cricket that I thought were absolutely adorable! They grow up so fast! *insert cry face*

The dance scene!!

Lola and my Husband!


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